Simulator for RADAR systems testing

MORE has developed simulator capable of target generation for testing RADAR's transmitter & receiver functionality. The simulator is based on MORE's RF-Photonics technology giving it tremendous advantage over DRFM-based alternatives. Operating in the hardware-in-the-loop mode, the simulator utilizes RADAR's transmitted waveform to generate echo signals accurately matching spectral-temporal characteristic of real moving targets in physical environment. Moreover, the simulator supports generation of complex ECM scenarios.


  • RADAR testing and calibration.
  • RADAR acceptance testing.
  • RADAR ECCM validation.
  • ECM techniques simulation.
  • ECM techniques validation.
  • Personnel training.
  • Phase noise measurement.
  • Sensitivity measurements.
  • Side lobes mapping.
  • Specifications

  • RF range 1 - 40GHz.
  • No up/down RF conversions required.
  • Low phase noise -140dbc @ 10KHz at 10GHz
  • Output power of 0dBm.
  • Harmonics/spurious levels -30 dBc.
  • Maximal delay 1ms at 10ns resolution.
  • Up to 10MHz Doppler shift at 0.5Hz resolution.
  • Amplitude, frequency and phase modulation.
  • Moving targets dynamic RCS.

  • ECM Capabilities

    • Range bin masking
    • Doppler bin masking
    • Noise


    • Windows GUI.
    • Built in test.
    • 110-240 VAC operation.
    • 19" Rack 6U.