MORE | Military Optical RF Equipment

Shed new light on the EW arena

About MORE

MORE is an Israeli company, in the fields of defence and homeland security markets.Our customers includes Israeli MOD and US DoD. We develop and manufacture a unique portfolio of Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence products.

Our unique products portfolio includes a multi-mission integrated Electronic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare system. Our Electronic Attack (EA) systems are a Low SWaP solution based on Optical RF domain processing and state of the art multi bit DRFM and provides the optimum solution for the modern Electronic Warfare arena challenges.

Moreover, the systems allows operation in ultra-wide instantaneous bandwidth and generation of sophisticated multi-target scenarios independent on detection of radar signals. Furthermore, our solution simultaneous combine multiple emitters in a single channel. The threats covered vary from legacy radars to modern state-of-the-art imaging, multi-sensor and LPI systems operating in various spectral bands while utilizing complex wave-forms. The Signal Intelligence Payloads can be installed on several types of small platforms providing full situational awareness and real-time creation of Electronic Order of Battle.

Challenges of Modern EW Arena - DRFM is just not enough

For ECM to be effective it should always be ahead of the threat. Modern emitters utilize complex waveforms characterized by LPI capabilities such as low-power long-width (compressed) pulses as a mean of performance optimization while preventing ESM systems from intercepting their transmissions. As a result, provision of efficient ECM capabilities against advanced LPI radars is challenging, particularly when generation of high fidelity echo signals with matched spectral-temporal characteristics is required.

State-of-the-art DRFM systems are challenged by the advanced emitters due to DRFM's

  • Limited instantaneous BW (UWB scenario) and sensitivity
  • Emitter’s waveform dependent (hard to produce true Doppler-shifts)
  • Phase quantization distorts target’s fidelity
  • Limited number of overlapping targets
  • High latency weakens the self-defense capability

RF-Photonics for ECM

Based on the advantages of RF-Photonics technology, MORE has developed efficient ECM capabilities for the advanced EW scenarios. The advantage of this approach is in the direct processing of UBW RF signals, without frequency up/down conversions and sampling which are inherit drawbacks of DRFM systems. The RF-Photonics based EW systems are characterized by

Unprecedented immediate BW in a single channel
Range, amplitude and phase modulations while maintaining Range-Doppler matching

Entirely analog processing (no RF up/down conversions, sampling or quantization)
Low latency