Radar Simulator

“Radar Simulator” (RS) is a test equipment that simulates Radar operation.

The RS evaluates the operational efficiency of RWR/ESM/ELINT and EW systems.

The RS creates an Electro-Magnetic dense operational scenario based on the generation of multisource emitters (including HRR and FMCW Radars) using an AWG or playback by a Digital RF Memory (DRFM) a high bandwidth high-resolution recorded file of a real operational arena that includes a mixture of electromagnetic signals including Radars and communication links.

The RS provides a real operational scenario for testing RWR/ESM/ELINT systems.

 In addition, EW systems can be tested against several synthetic radar signals (generated by an AWG) or against real operational radars (a real operational arena recorded file playback by a DRFM). The RS provides a real-time Radar processing chain. The processing chain includes cross-correlation of the original Radar signal with the EA techniques provided by the tested systems, Doppler processing, and Constant Failure Alarm Rate (CFAR).

The "RS" outputs include Range and Doppler profiles and a "Range Doppler" map.

The low SWAP RS can be installed on various small aerial platforms for a real operational environment system performance evaluation.